Fire Safety & Emergency Planning

Fire Risk Assessment

Up to date and effective emergency procedures are an essential part of your defence against fire, arson and unwanted interruption. Sphere will be pleased to complete a fire risk assessment of your business and then advise you on the effective planning, staff training, physical control measures and emergency procedures that your organization needs

Sphere has provided advice, fire training, staff mentoring and support to wide and varied business sectors which will help to protect your workforce and your business. This pragmatic commercial approach will ensure that you have the correct fire systems and processes in place to prevent incidents, when the fire brigade calls or for when dealing with fire related issues.

Training – online or face to face

Sphere is able to provide the very latest fire and awareness training for your staff based on the Fire Protection Associations (UK Fire Brigades) current best practice and local fire brigade advice

Staff training and follow up actions are essential in ensuring that staff actions are put into place to maintain a fire protected workplace. Sphere can provide the following fire safety training along with any follow up actions:

Fire Marshal – online

Fire Coordinator

Fire Extinguisher (PASS system)

Fire Risk Assessment

PEEP & Special Needs Planning

Contingency Planning & Coordination

Major Incident Planning & Coordination

Anti Terrorism Planning & Coordination

Day to day fire actions are essential in ensuring that your workforce can prevent unwanted fires and evacuate when the need arises. Sphere can offer on the ground advice and mentor your staff to aid evacuation, control the scene and then impart vital information to the emergency services on arrival. Sphere can also provide a completely outsourced service if you desire.

Fire Safety

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